Hi! I’m Zachary, an American living in Florence since 2006. With over twenty years of experience in the jewelry trade, and over ten years of teaching jewelry in Florence, I offer individualized instruction in all aspects of jewelry fabrication in silver and gold.

Intensive, One-on-One Instruction

I never take more than one student at a time. None of the jewelry schools in Florence offer this kind of individualized instruction. The prices and course descriptions below are based on full, eight hour days together in the workshop. In a short time, you can acquire the foundation necessary to continue developing your skills on your own.

For more information, contact zachary@androusjewelry.com

Introductory Course: No Experience Necessary!

Over three full days you will complete a sterling silver ring from start to finish, using the fundamental jewelry techniques: design and layout, piercing (sawing out a design), forming, soldering, pre-finishing (filing and sanding), and finishing (buffing and polishing). This is a great opportunity to learn about what’s actually involved with jewelry making.
All materials are included! €1600

Customized Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Study

Have you reached a plateau with your skills? Are you ready to incorporate stone setting but not sure how to start? Would you like to make all your findings by hand? Or are you just starting out, but know that you want to make jewellery? Whatever your level of experience, I can help you work more efficiently and more effectively through a focus on fundamental bench techniques,working efficiently, and understanding the principles behind the practices. We can also cover pricing formulas, designing for production, and how to develop your jewelry business.
Weekly (40 hours) €2600
Monthly (160 hours) €10,500